quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

About teacher responsibility

I remember when I was child, 7 years old, in the school, the teacher Ana Maria was testing my eyes, in the class room. After this, she told me to go to principal room and make more test. She called my mom in the school and told her that I should go to see a doctor. I had myopia. 6.5 degree. In the both eyes.  She changed my life. 

When I had 12 years old, I thought that I hated Mathematics until to know my teacher Fernando. He showed how it could be nice when you see the things without fear and prejudice. And life is easier when you apply it in your day by day.

With 15 years old, my teachers didn´t know what teenagers is. They acting as we were paying attention and we acting as we were understanding. An I don´t want to talk about it.

In the university was the best time of life after childhood. We always being worried about the result of test and we barely knew about the life OUT of University. I want my mom.

What to say about Ricardo? Business Administration teacher. God! After 6 years of graduation, we still are friends. And I love him. And he knows.

Some people made me a better person. 

Some people gone. Some people stayed. Some people come and go on every time. Some people take my hand and I know that they will be here. Always. Even if I don´t need them or I don´t want them here.

Colleagues teacher, teacher colleagues, a time to dream higher. 

I know the names of many teachers that I had. And I also remember their faces. 

Maybe this is why they usually say: The teacher is closely related with eternity. They never know where and when finish their influence. 

As a teacher said: The outside world has a lot of expertise to make us unhappy. Find out what you love and show it that you worked hard for you happiness. 

Thank you teachers!!!Thank you for persist and never give up!!

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