segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2012

Cold Days

I like to talk about missing someone on a rainy day. 

The cold, gray days, inviting us to be quiet… To miss someone or something is as natural as sigh.

To me, it´s hard to speak about missing someone in the sunny days because we already have the heat on the skin.

It´s hard to speak about missing someone when I don´t receive any message in these days.

It´s hard to speak about missing someone these days because I just have the memory to help me, remembering me that you’re here.

You exist. 

You live within.

I don´t need to invent you. You neither. 

“When a new love is born, is very hard to resist the temptation to take our presence felt everyday. But, we must let it breathe. If you put it in a glass vase, like we use to do with  flower (because we´re terrified that the wind and the time take its beauty) we will have during a short  time what is really beauty in love.

What I learned about love is: love is made of absence and presence. And both are important.

I learned that love is made of freedom. To have, everyday, many choices and to choose the same thing, the same freedom choice everyday.

The small victory makes you happy. To love and to be loved. To discover in their eyes that you were picked again and again.

What I learned about love – and I learned about love by myself – is love requires much of me, a great effort. A daily exercise that I can´t say no to.”

You ever be my best inspiration.

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