domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

I know...

… how to make corn cake.

… how to make cupcakes.

… how to do bookbinding craft.

… how to make page tab.

… how to write at the same time that I´m talking on telephone.

… that the rain doesn´t stay here forever. Neither does the sun and not do we. 

… that to fool each others is easy. And easier is to fool ourselves.

… that words can hurt. And to stay without then usually can be worse.

… that to stay near don’t mean you´re here.

… that to open your eyes every morning doesn´t mean you are awake.

… that to listen, to hear and to consider what our parents tell us is always a good and safe way.

… that sometimes family is bad. And to stay without then is a disaster. 

… that time doesn´t do us to forget someone. 

… that time doesn´t cure wounds. Without medicament, these wounds and time together often kill.

… that we must love as nobody have ever hurt us. And do it while the wounds are paining yet is almost impossible.

… that to take a shower with rain´s water can clean our body and our soul.

… that to be humble doesn´t mean to be insignificant.

… that the history will be the same until we do something different and so in the and we will have different result.

… that to value things that doesn´t deserve, this value hurt us and no one else.

… that “not always” and “not never” always help us to resolve troubles. 

… that to breathe doesn´t mean you are alive.

… that a baby´s laugh is more efficient as Valium.

… that to give a excuse for not doing something is easier than to do that.

… that life isn´t fair.

… that love exist. Somewhere.

… that to be happy doesn´t depend on anyone. Only on me.

… that to have money honestly is always ok.

… that the moon is the best listener.

… that the night hide infinite secrets.

 … that the sun rises again. If you are here or not.

… that to do what you like is the best therapy.

… that I don´t have all the time of the world.

2 comentários:

  1. Well, you know a lot of things, it'd be nice to have you around...

  2. We know a lot of things. :-)

    And I´m here. Near you.