domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

The silence of eternity

Since last Saturday I´m reading a lot of things about the silence. The silence of God. The silence of soul. The silence of dawn. The silence of mind. 

Well, I decided to write something about the silence too.

Today, we were coming to the office by car. My sister and me. We were talking about the accident that the cousin of sister´s friend suffered last week. He was crossing the road by motorcycle and a big car hit him. He died. He was 19 years old. 

In this case the worst is for his family.

Do not wait because it´s not necessary. It won´t serve for anything. It just hurts.

A desire to have a magic eraser and turn this just into a dream.

A nightmare.

His smile doesn´t exist.

His voice isn´t heard.

He is not here. Anymore.

His history is finished.

I can´t imagine the pain of a mother who lost her son. But, I know how is to lose someone beloved. We feel so hollow and no matter what everybody says or even if we are just be quiet, this unapproved absence can´t be replaced. 

Peace for him and his family.

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