domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

My words… for him

Wrote in 13/1/2010

It was when I thought that every all what I could have lived beside you was over, you reinvented yourself.

In those blessed well and spoken words.

I found you again.

Different in the context, but with the same big heart. Bigger than yourself.

I wanted it hard and many times.

I made fun of me and you.

I destroyed what I had done. It would be better if we had and instruction manual.

I trained the patience while I kept you in the place that the time doesn´t exist.

The same green eyes don’t hide what you have in your soul.

There are some things that we can´t explain. And we don´t forget too.

Impossible is to define what we feel when the fingers of a loved one touch our skin.

Impossible is to find words that explain what happens with our body when our mouths touch. The kisses were made to last for seconds, now are eternal.

I created many things. Inclusive excuses for not having what they call happiness. 

But now you are here. So I think: 

“Everything will be ok”. Maybe it will.

“It will be forever”. Maybe it will.

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