quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2015

Does she write in English??!! Yes, she does.

My dad is 92 years old.

Two weeks ago he gave us a big scare. It was Friday and in the middle of morning, my sister called me telling me that my dad wasn´t feeling so good. I called to an ambulance to take him to the Hospital. 

He has diabetes and his glucoses was in 630. The normal is around 75 – 80. In a person with diabetes, it acceptable around 130 – 150. Because this number he was going into a coma.

Two days in the Hospital and now he is fine! In home with his family. But, he always telling us: My time is ending. Or: I´m going to “home”. And he tells us this so natural as he was talking about life.

Yesterday I asked him:  Are you afraid or not about death, dad?

He said: No. Not really, daughter. I lived my life. I REALLY did it. 

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